Fundamental of Physics


Wave and Photon



UA. Kong Gravitational Force UB. Sun UC. Earth

UD. Kong Extinction Theory

UE. Black Hole UF. Life of Universe UG. Properties of Universe UH. Kong Matter and Kong Energy




The Universe is full of mysteries. In this topic, many alternative explanations and descriptions are presented to offer some alternative understandings to the readers about the Universe. It is also to expand the space of imaginations and expose the readers to a different angle on viewing the Universe. Many interesting examples and phenomena are presented to support the explanations and to enhance the understandings of the readers.


To understand the Universe in detail, we begin by observing the activities happened in the Universe. The first chapter discusses about the Kong gravitational force. It briefs on the shortcomings about the Newtonian gravitational force and introduces the actual forces that act as the attraction force. This chapter states that the mass-dependent Newtonian gravitational force does not exist. This explanation is supported and inter-related to the topic on ‘Mass’. It also describes the attraction forces between the Sun and the Earth. A very convincing point is brought out in this chapter, which "if the Universe is governed by mass-dependent gravitational force, it shall be spherical in shape, as gravitational force has no preference in attracting matters from any directions, but it is not."


The second chapter discusses about the Sun and stars. It explains the activities, operations and the characteristic of stars. It gives the reason that the stars are always the center of attraction and the center of rotation of the planets, but not planets to planets. The Sun and stars are not as ‘massive’ as they are. The ending of stars are discussed too, where it touches on the neutron stars and black holes.


The third chapter discusses about the Earth. Further from the first chapter, the attraction forces are discussed in more detail in this chapter. The explanations are supported using the phenomena that happened on the Earth such as the magnetic field. The construction and structure of the Earth are briefed. Some alternative explanations on the natural activities and phenomena happened on the Earth are presented.


Chapter ‘UD’ is the Kong Extinction Theory, which talks about the migration of the Earth. It describes about the mass extinction that happened at around 65 millions years ago where all the dinosaurs are dead. Many debates and arguments are still actively carried out currently to discuss about the extinction event. In this chapter, a logical and more convincing theory is introduced, which able to solve the arguments and mysteries about the existence of the dinosaurs and the extinction event. This interesting theory is supported by the theories from the three previous chapters. Many interesting events that happened before and after the extinction event are given to support this theory.


The fifth chapter discusses in detail about black hole. The formation, type, structure, characteristic of black hole are presented. The phenomenon of gravitational lensing is also discussed in this chapter.


Chapter 'UF' is the life of Universe. A concept on a reversible Universe is proposed. From the big bang, mass formation, cosmic microwave radiation background, rotating Universe, structure, operation and ending of Universe are presented. This chapter is inter-related with the next two chapters, where more detail explanations on some phenomena are described.


In the chapter of "Properties of Universe", it describe that since the existence of Universe, the ingredients, some constants, natural laws and rules were appeared in governing this Universe. The entire activities in Universe adheres to energy conservation. It also discusses on the boundary and the flat Universe.


The last chapter discusses on the two mysteries in the Universe. They are the Kong matter and Kong energy which correspond to the dark matter and dark energy. The Kong matter is stuffing the Universe and the Kong energy governs the activities in the Universe. The discussions cover gravitational lensing, mass formation, the rotating and expanding Universe.


After read through this topic, the readers will find that the mysteries in the Universe are surfaced and had opened up the eyes and minds in seeing and understanding the Universe. The readers shall be able to relate and find out more things that can be explained with the Universe model given. Universe has nothing except the basic ingredients which are the M&E field, space and time.





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