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For so many years of study on Physics by mankind, there are so many theories and laws were developed by many physicists and scientists. Some of the theories are on case basis, some are discontinuity, some are discriminating with other theories and some are arbitrary.


This website provides an alternative thinking to understand physics in a whole. Base on the author's understanding and mindset, he offers an alternative view on seeing some of the physics theories that have been applied for many years. The author gathers the overall information, shares his thought and provides alternative derivations and explanations to the experiments results that had been carried out by the previous scientists.


The discussions on Physics are divided into 4 main portions. They are:-

1)     Fundamental of Physics

2)     Mass

3)     Wave and Photon

4)     The Universe


The author begins the explanations and descriptions of physics in the most fundamental way. Via fundamental understanding, it can be seen that everything about physics is inter-related and can be understood easily and logically. In this chapter, the dimensional analysis is carried out and the most fundamental dimensions or the ingredients of the Universe are introduced. The understanding on photons and mass is redefined. After dissected all the ingredients of the Universe, The Theory of Everything begins.


Second topic discusses about the mass, including atoms and particles. Here the characteristics between the particles and waves are distinguished. Particles are not wavelike. Lots of the derivations, descriptions and explanations are presented for better understanding of mass. By knowing the ingredients, a thoroughly new concept of atom model is introduced and the quantum mechanics of particles are redefined. Alternative explanations for the experiment results which were carried out by the previous scientists together with proper derivations are presented. Interesting and comprehensive graphical modelings are presented to ease the explanations.


The third portion is discussed about the wave and photon. The classical wave model is revolutionized to the new quantum photon model. The size of photon is developed. The energy, intensity and power of light are quantized. Many new explanations and derivations are introduced to describe the photon characteristics and behaviors in detail. Interesting and comprehensive graphical modelings are presented to ease the explanations.


The forth portion of this website discusses about the Universe. A new theory is introduced to replace the arbitrary mass dependent gravitational force. "if the Universe is governed by mass-dependent gravitational force, it shall be spherical in shape, as gravitational force has no preference in attracting matters from any directions, but it is not." The actual attraction forces that governing the Universe is redefined. The systems in the Universe, the Solar system, stars, black holes and the Earth are described. The interesting phenomena happened on the Earth are discussed. This topic also postulates about the interesting Extinction Theory and the revival of the current world. The existence and the death of the giant size dinosaurs are discussed. The life and properties of Universe, the creation, the big bang, mass formation, the ending and the regeneration of Universe are postulated in this topic. The Kong matter and Kong energy which correspond to the dark matter and dark energy are brought to surface.


Base on only one concept by knowing the ingredients, it can explains everything that happened and appeared in the Universe. This is the basis for the Theory of Everything in Physics.





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