1.0 Introduction

2.0 Antarctic Ice Core Data

3.0 Effect of Green House Gases

4.0 Effect of Ocean

5.0 Heat Balance Mechanism 6.0 Further Interpretation of Ice Core Data 7.0 Coming Interglacial Peak Period

8.0 Defend for the Poor Carbon




The fourth Assessment Report (AR4)[1] prepared by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was published in year 2007. The report anticipates that very likely the climate change is caused by Green House Gases (GHGs).


It is explained here that the carbonated GHG is not the major contributor to global warming and the effect is minimal. Global warming is controlled by the ocean, which related to the heat balance mechanism of solar energy and earth thermal energy. The weather is determined by the solar energy while the climate is determined by the earth thermal energy. Reducing carbon footprint will not significantly prevent global warming.


As analyzed by the Antarctic Vostok Ice Core [3] data and Epica Ice Core [4] data, climate change is a repetitive cycle happened far before 420,000 and 740,000 years ago respectively, where without humanís activities. Since then, the earth had gone through few cycles of glacial period with drastic change of climate. The ice core data is explained and the projection of the next interglacial warm peak period is anticipated; where more life will be diminished from now until the next warm peak period is reached.







  1. Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report. Contribution of Working Groups I, II and III to the Fourth Assessment Report.

  2. Climate Change 2001: Synthesis Report. Contribution of Working Groups I, II and III to the Third Assessment Report.

  3. (Vostok Ice Core, Antarctica)

  4. (Dome C, Antarctica)

  5. (Vostok Ice Core)

  6. (Green House Absorption Spectrum)

  7. (Green House Gases Absorption Spectrum)

  8. (Sun and Earth Radiation Spectrum)

  9. (Sun and Earth Radiation Spectrum)

  10. (Ocean)

  11. (Atlantic Ocean)

  12. (Atmosphere of Earth)

  13. (properties of water vapor)

  14. (Earth Properties)

  15. (Ice Age)

  16. (Vostok Ice Core Data)

  17. (Solar Spectrum)

  18. (Atmospheric Transmission)

  19. (Chemistry of the Environment)

  20. (Solar Constant)


  22. (Earth needs more CO2)

  23. (property of seawater)





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