My Biography




Ir. KONG Kok Haw
Date of Birth : 15-Mar-1978
Gender : Male
Nationality : Malaysian
Race : Chinese
Permanent Residence : Malaysia
E-mail :




Mechanical Engineer




BE (Dist.)

Bachelor's Degree with Honors with Distinction in Mechanical Engineering,

University of Malaya, Malaysia.



Professional Bodies


Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM) Member (13870)
Institute of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) Member (M21065)
GreenBuildingIndex (GBI) Facilitator Member (0084)
ASHRAE Affiliate (MBR#8080097)




The Lim Hun Soon Memorial for The Best Student in Fluid Mechanics

University of Malaya, Malaysia, 2002.



My Philosophies


1. There are no smart people in this world, there is only you think you are smart.
2. The world is fair by nature, it is not fair by mankind, it is your responsible to make it fair.
3. Success is not measured by wealth, but depending on the level of wisdom he gained.
4. Keep on compete to yourself, make sure you are improving.
5. The more you know, the tinier you are.
6. You brought joy to the world when you were born, do not carry along when you leave.
7. You were born with nothing, gain from learning, give by sharing and return before leaving.




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